Blue flowers and the queen can make us think differently, so we can stop the corona virus. We don’t need to shut society down as we do now. If we can learn four colors and then the behavior of each we can end the corona virus lockdown and get back to normal living fast

There are four colors. Right now, those tested positive are red. But the problem is, that because of our societal habits and behaviour, everybody else are yellow. Yellow means we are potential virus carriers, so therefore we are all keeping distance. We have fear of each other, because we fear to get infected and become one of the “confirmed active cases” and turn into a red flower.

Blue is “virus free”. We can get tested, but reality is, that even before we reach home, will we most likely have put ourselves at danger and again have turned back to yellow. Why? Because everybody around us are yellow. As things are today, we have extremely little chance of staying clear of potential virus carriers.

That is the mindset we have to change, and the flowers can make us think differently.

Red signals “Danger” – yellow signals “Warning”

We know these colors in our mind. 

We know that ignoring red in a road cross is dangerous. Likewise we know yellow is a warning of danger. 

It is the same right now. If anybody in your neighborhood have confirmed Corona Virus, you paint their house red and dangerous in your mind. 

And all other houses, places and people, they are yellow in your mind right now – the authorities warn you to not touch and get near anybody. 

Green signals “I’m cleaning myself” – please stay away

Our minds would normally say, that Green signals “No Danger”. 

But that is actually not quite true. We teach our kids that even if they walk out in a cross when the light is green, then they may get harmed. They have to think themselves – look out for themselves.

There is always a risk, also when the light is green. So green is in reality telling us, that whatever somebody else tells us, they cannot 100% guarantee our own safety. We have to think for yourself and use our own common sense and logic.

In the flower metaphor, the color green illustrates the stem, before the flower blooms. 

Blue signals “I’m virus free – I am safe to be around” – stay away if you are not! 


We don’t use blue for signals in traffic to signal neither danger, warning or safety. The color blue is associated with creativity and intelligence.  

In the flower metaphor, you cannot become a blue flower, until you have first taken the initiative to grow your own green stem. In real life that means that you take the initiative and responsibility of your own life. You have to use your own creativity and intelligence to stay 100% clear of all red, yellow and green dangers, so you get “truly guaranteed virus clean”.

Then, after 14 days, you bloom the blue flower and come out of your “cocone” like a blue butterfly. You know your are safe for others now, but now you start looking for others you can be safe with.

And that is really the problem now. If you can’t find any other “blue flowers”, everybody are dangerous to you. You will be safe yourself – but you will also be very alone.

The problem right now is also an opportunity. Because no matter if we are blue, red, yellow or green, we are all alone and cannot get out of it. We all desire to be let out of our isolation. We desire to meet, have fun, play, enjoy music, hug, go shopping, etc. without the constant fear that has come to reign our world and put us in cages, as if we were animals or slaves.

The flowers can teach our minds to imagine fields of blue flowers. Freedom away from danger, warnings and rules of behaviour. 

People’s minds will desire to become one of the blue free flowers.

The spread of an idea and an image of a blue flower can spread faster than any virus pandemic can spread. 

And one day the last red flower will die. It will be an event as when the Germans surrendered in 1945.

And then we will again come to live in a world of freedom, smiles, laughter and beautiful flowers in all colors. We will remember how corona’s threat and the thought of the blue flower taught us to again think and act as individuals, but in togetherness. As our ancestors did. That is what I believe will happen.

Dear Your Majesty Queen Margrethe II.

Your Highness, You can stop the corona. See for yourself the blue anemone as Kaj Munk described it in 1943, and then help plant its image and its seeds of hope and life in people’s minds again. Do as King Cristian X, your father, the steadfast king did for Denmark’s freedom in 1945. I put my trust in the little blue anemone, in Your Highness and in God, and choose to believe you will again set the people of Denmark free from the prison of fear and anxiety.


I congratulate Your Higgness on your 80th birthday tomorrow.


May God bless you and protect Denmark and the world.


Olav Lange Hansen, April 15, 2020

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