We enjoy exploring the world.


We love adventure, freedom and fun.

We love to relax – and to have a good time.

We love the wonders of our fantastic world.

Our mission is simple: We want to smile, laugh and enjoy life, now and in the future.

Our next mission is a Music Mission adventure in Mexico.

Some think we are crazy when we tell we plan to build a “Viking Boat” of plastic bottles and sail across the Sea of Cortez.

1,000 years ago, the Vikings sailed out in the world. Most would probably had said they were crazy, had they told about their plans. Yet, they came to change the world.

Maybe our chances are small, but if we can unite across borders and continents and travel, play music, smile, laugh and have fun in trying to change the world, isn’t it then all worth it?

Thank you all – special thank you to our allied, our sponsors and to all who participate in our Sponsor Gift raffles and auctions. Raffles and competitions will be posted in the Viking Travelers Group and on the Viking Travelers Facebook page.

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