Viking Tour Sponsor Request Letter

Sponsor request for “Eco-projects” and global “Viking Story” promotion of Scandinavian culture and Green tech

Dear Madam or Sir,

We kindly ask you to sponsor a product to a good cause. However, we also believe it is also a unique marketing opportunity for your company.

The sponsor options are:

1.       to sponsor a gift card for a product or service.

2.       to purchase a gift card for a service or product from an Eco-network provider or from another sponsor.

* Additional sponsor options can be to employ an Eco-entrepreneur or sponsor an Eco-entrepreneur talent or an Eco-event. A special option is to purchase Green Transport VIP Cards (The attractiveness of this option depend on your company location and what your company do. Contact us for more information on this option)

The sponsor benefits we have chosen to emphasize are:

1.       Your company image will benefit from supporting social and environmental friendly projects.

2.       You will benefit from exposure at events at in social media in your local community.

3.       You will get global exposure of your company, products or services.


“I’m being helped to stabilize my life. I am out of drug addictions. I found motivation, purpose and inner strength to change my life and identity and again become a good father for my children. This foreigner dared trust in me – that changed my life.”

“El Vikingo Mexicano”, 21-7-2019

Of course, we also emphasize that this is all about truly helping children, young and socially challenged people to get a better life, as well as it is a help to fight global climate change, pollution and society problems.

The promotion is “Story telling” about “Holger the Dane” who sent a Viking out in the world to prepare for the coming of Asgaard’s Warriors in the ultimate battle of all, the Ragnarok. His assignment was to find natural treasures and make alliances with people all over the world, and built armory and boats of recycled materials. The fight, however, is not a physical fight. In this story, only beauty, music, song and laughter can save planet earth and the nine worlds of the Norse Mythodology. The story is fictional, but is a reality story “written” with accompanying video and real-life stories from all over the world. An important objective is also to promote Scandinavian culture through the “Viking Story”, but particularly also promote Scandinavian Green Tech products and know-how.

The story of “El Vikingo Mexicano” is a success story, but one of several others. He starts in a job as a teacher in August 2019 and is preparing to start a “Ragnarok Armory” project in the form of a “Plast Fun Factory”, which involve children, local businesses and local community.

We will be sincerely grateful for your positive response to this letter.

For more information, please contact us or

On behalf of Eco-network-Sundays, Café Flores, Viking Travelers, GreenDriveThinking, Kumiay Friends, A Dane in Mexico
Thank you so much.

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