Here are some actions you can take:

1.  Join the Tribes of the Good Life
Tribe crew membership* (Free) – Tribe Light membership* ($40) – or Tribe Empowerer membership* (minimum $100, Tribe Supporter*: See special program for organizational supporters and sponsors).
* Read more about Tribe member benefits here.

2. Start a local Tribe of the Good Life
Let your Tribe Light shine and lead others. Start a local Tribe. (Only for Tribe Light members and Tribe Empowerers)

3. Join a “Mission Camp”
Feel the good life, learn it, enjoy life, love and togetherness. Two weeks education, activities and vacation in Paradise.
Pricing*: $1.500 for individuals, $2.250 for couples. Families pay additional $500 per kid under 14, for older kids, grandparents or other family members, you pay $750. Ask for upgrade from camping space with your own tent to house or other accommodation.
* If you have a different offering than money, you can apply for barter payment. Apply at this link: Barter Payment.

4. Join a “Mission Tour”
Live the good life. A month, a week or a day of adventure travelling. Learn, teach and engage local communities. (See special program for pricing)

5. Arrange a “Mission Tour Event”
Let your Tribe Light shine. Engage. Become a leader. Arrange a Mission Tour Event. Summon the tribe in your community. (See special instructions)

6. Join a “Mission Tour Event”
Learn treasures of wisdom. Share your treasures of wisdom. Feel the inclusion and warmth. Find out what you can do. Feel how important you are. (Entrance $25, free for Tribe members)