Business profile

Olav Lange Hansen started his business career during education. He worked for Alfa Laval in Wisconsin, USA in 1995. During the ½ a year internship as marketing coordinator, the business unit grew sales by 40%.

He worked for an IT company in London, UK, but the inner entrepreneur made him return to Denmark to start his first self-employed IT & Marketing business in Denmark in 1997. For the next 20 years, he established several business.

Olav was always an innovator, studying and using the latest technologies and methodologies to optimize business processes. Olav’s company, Kontineo A/S released the first version of C-Route in 2010. Over the following years it provided many large and small customers in Europe and the US with productivity and sales increases, as well as reduction in driving costs and CO2 emissions. The video is a commercial introduction to the C-Route software.

Introduction to C-Route from Kontineo on Vimeo.

The C-Route product generated a steady and growing revenue, which for a time allowed Olav to invest in innovation, market expansion and to focus on his passion project, GreenDriveThinking. In 2014 a new product was nominated to the IT Award of the year. It’s intelligent route planning engine was later the fundament for ridesharing software for workplaces and organizations. The video is a commercial introduction to a software that didn’t reach the market. Olav owns all the rights for the software.

C-Route Frontier for Outlook – presentation (UK) from Kontineo on Vimeo.

Olav’s innovation and business ideas and projects always had focus on increasing profit, but at the same time make a positive sustainable impact. GreenDriveThinking was initially formed as a non-profit project in 2010. early 2015 it was changed into a for-profit company with the main objective of reducing traffic and reducing CO2. GreenDriveThinking was forced into bankruptcy in 2015/2016. After two years of disputes and court cases, Olav has put legal disputes on hold and is again focusing his energy on his passions, hereunder running GreenDriveThinking as a new company. The video was launched in 2013.

GreenDriveThinking from Kontineo on Vimeo.