I think most people want to be proud of their country, the place they are born and their ancestors and current family. Many move to new places and new countries during their lives, but the original heritage and identity will always follow. I think it is hard to achieve fulfillment in life, if one, for any reason, tries to “run away” from his or her heritage and original identity.

I consider people privileged who have no reason to not be proud of their heritage. People of families with a good reputation. People of countries with a good reputation. People who have inherited a respected identity from their ancestors.

But if you hold a coin in the light, there are always two sides. The light side and the dark side. So is it with identity. Taking myself, I could paint an glorified picture of myself, my family, my country and my early ancestors, the Vikings, by only telling the good sides of everything and omitting the dark side, such as the “Pagan” side of the Vikings. If I did that, I would maybe not be lying, but neither would I be truthful and trustworthy. I would fool the reader, and I don’t think many would consider that to be honorable.

I’m writing a book which is due to be published in April 2020. However, my motivation for writing about the subject now, is not only three years of thorough society analysis, but in particular because my studies and recent incidents have raised disturbing concerns for the near future well being of the people in my own home country, Denmark, as well as disturbing concerns for the global community.

One relatively recent incident is the Danske Bank white-laundering scandal. It appears, that up to $238 billion USD mafia money was white-laundered in what has been dubbed the world’s biggest money laundering scandal. More can be read in this article [Click here] from January 2019. I will write more in detail later, but for now only emphasize this extract of the article:

“…gifts and bribes from the Azerbaijani government following investigative reports on Azerbaijan’s alleged efforts to boost the country’s image among PACE members

I think the global concerns appear quite clearly from the above, but the question I want to raise of this is about how employees in Danske Bank and the people of Denmark perceive the person who caused the scandal to come out in the open. It causes a psychological and emotional conflict in my own mind.

I consider him somewhat heroic, kind of like people in the resistance movement under WWII for his courage. No doubt, that some pretty bad people had very strong motives to silence him. But at the same time I can’t help also thinking of him as a “snitch”, like people who informed the Germans of people in the resistance in WWII with terrible consequences for them and their families. In this case, he is the direct reason for serious harm to my country’s reputation of being the least corrupt country in the world. It causes loss of pride and shame of the Danish identity, but furthermore it has a much more tangible consequence in that it can have serious long term consequence for Denmark’s economy.

You can say, that, although the whistle-blower is officially and genuinely being given the credit for being “the good and honest man – a man of honor”, he is subconsciously becoming a “snitch – the bad man who caused the international society to collectively punish all Danes”.This latter “snitch” perception is is something very few will probably ever admit to anyone. Maybe not even to themselves. My theory is, that it is a subconscious basic survival instinct, which, for the majority of people, cause a defensive sub-conscious controlled behavior.


There are some 5,6 million inhabitants in Denmark. All Danes are connected through our identity. Metaphorically speaking as one mind, or one organism, like a little baby Dragon in a world of much bigger nations, much bigger dragons.

Individually we are just cells in the baby dragons body, all with the same desire of a good healthy long life. We all have our functions, our work, in the baby dragons body. Some of us are cells in the heart, some in the lungs, some in the forelegs, and so forth. 179 parliament members makes up the cells our little baby dragons main brain chamber, who we all assume controls all actions of all organs and of our little baby dragon. We constantly get signals about the little baby dragons behaviour and health from the information center of the brain – and if we feel something is wrong, we have the opportunity to always send little micro signals back, although we know that as individual cells, our signal is very rarely strong enough to reach the information center and the brain.

But one day we suddenly hear that this one little cell in one of our most important organs, lets say the main heart chamber, has been able to transmit a signal to all the other dragons in our part of the world. A signal about a little group of cells in the part of our brain that control our veins. These cells have caused us, as an identity, the little Danish Baby Dragon, to have behaved very bad and dishonorably deceived all our friends for years. It’s like a shock that makes us all crumble and shiver in fear, because we don’t know what is going to happen now. Will the other dragons punish our little baby dragon by taking the food we have collected, so we will soon experience hunger and thirst. Will they punish us with a spell that will make all cells in our veins shrink. Initially all cells in our body gets very upset and want to punish the guilty cells, but because the veins are so important for every cell in our body, we quickly realize that by punishing them, we will punish ourselves. We fell powerless, even the 179 main brain cells feel powerless. 


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