Covid19 Neighborhelp Worldwide Pages and groups 

This page shows a list of Worldwide Covid19 Neighborhelp Pages. We recommend to read the “Covid19 – The third scenario” link. It contains excerpts of an interview and is the best resource guide currently available. See also the guide here: COVID19 NEIGHBORHELP – STEP BY STEP HOW TO START INTERNATIONALLY

Worldwide Facebook page
An alternative solution for communities and a network of people who take local responsibility
Global Facebook Group - discussing constructive ideas and solutions
We encourage people who want to discuss conspiracies and speculations to do that in this group and keep such discussions out of Neighborhelp groups and other groups.

Denmark, Europe

Danish Neighborhelp Facebook Page
Resources, guides and Google map with 50+ Danish Neighborhelp group

Mexico, North America

Neighborhelp Facebook Page for all of Mexico

City Leon and Guanajuato State, Mexico

Neighborhelp Group for the city Leon and Guanajuato state

UPDATE: Time is running – the virus spreads like a wave – this new questionnaire explains better and tells you very specifically what to do, so read that first or after… by clicking submit, you register. The first counter wave starts april 4th – wave 2 one week later and so forth. Urgent action is required to win the war on the Covid19 virus! Watch the videos.

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