The Coofle App and the Coofle VIP Card – together with you and your community they become magic and “make money out of the blue for you”.

Few in business, politics and science seem to understand the “magic of community”.
But you probably do. You know about friendship and trust. And about inclusion and the magic of “togetherness and helping each others”.
Mix that with an App and the Coofle VIP Card – and suddenly magic will happen and money will come your way.
A youth community in Denmark did it.


Danish newspaper article: Young will find transport on the smartphone

These students made the magic happen. They made 5,000 Danish kroner (14,500 pesos) “come out of the blue.

This is how you can make the “magic happen” and “make money come out of the blue”


Make Magic Happen

First you find a “Coofle VIP Event” near you. Coofle VIP Events are posted on GreenDriveThinking on Facebook.


It is a good idea to invite a few friends from your local community to the “Coofle VIP Event”.

Usually the events are pretty fun – sometimes with music – sometimes competitions and raffles – and sometimes you can win sponsor prizes for yourself or for your community.


CLUE competition

At the Coofle VIP Event you will meet Lisa. She is a fictional 17 year old girl living in a community 5 km from downtown. She will give you the “secret magic ingredients and rituals”.

However, if everybody get to know all the secrets, the magic would vanish. In this dream, Lisa gives some clues, but you don’t get it all yet.
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