Circle of Life Tour 2020 Mexico is planned to start at the 12th of March 2020 in Todos Santos as the first destination, and run for ten weeks to 10 destinations over 10 weeks, two than in Mexico City 20th May 2020.

But it is a Circle , so it continues to Circle of Life Tour 2020 Denmark/Sweden – it jumps to Jelling Music Festival in Denmark, and Likewise 10 destinations over 10 weeks until it ends in Stockholm. But it is a Circle, so then it jumps to …. somewhere else in the world and starts again!

To make the Tours reality, we need sufficient reservations well in advance. We will be an exclusive VIP Community level, anticipated to pay $ 150 USD per day, and with discounts for longer participation. The VIP travel cards will include extravagant accommodation, full transportation, unique VIP experiences, luxurious full-service food, depending on the place, backstage meeting artists and much much more. There will also be Adventure travel cards at a lower price – and Work Adventure Travel Cards at very low cost level.

We have to be a group of an average of 16 VIP bookings for each of the 10 weeks before 31st December 2019, which will be the final Go / No Go decision date about the tour becoming a reality. Otherwise it will be postponed to start at another date instead, with a new Go / No Go decision deadline.

The Viking Tour August 2019 introduction

The Viking Tour 2019 August is reality, but it is also forming part of a fictional book, “THE RAGNAROK MISSION“. The Book is being written as the events happens in real life. You can read the first three chapters (Short versions) of the book here. It is an introduction to the tour.


Book 1: The Ragnarok Mission
CHAPTER 2, short edition



“RAGNAROK is not a War that can be fought with weapons of steel – it can only be fought by instruments, songs and what makes people smile, laugh and dream true dreams about a wonderful future in a world of wonders and beauty. But armory must also be made. Armory of what is causing Ragnarok. Armory made of recycled plastic and other recycled materials and from pure creations of mother earth will work in the hands of Odins Warriors. But to win the RAGNAROK battle, fights are not to hurt no-one – but only to cause smiles, laughter and togetherness, just as in Valhalla. Your mission is to have a boat built ready to sail the most beautiful Ocean on planet earth, when Odins Warriors and Valkyries arrive. You must find this ocean in a world in Midgaard, I only know of it from tales of travelers. Odins ravens and the beings and sacred geometry of the Universe will guide you. The boat must be made of recycled materials and natural creations of mother earth. When you set sail, Valkyries, Warriors and Gods from Aasgaard and the nine worlds will come to lead and join you and all allies of Midgaard in the ultimate battle of all. In beautiful clothing shall they come to play music, sing songs, dance, fight, feast and enjoy life. Smiles and laughter will make the magic sea of truth appear again, and all people of all worlds of planet earth who hear the music will wake up and join the RAGNAROK battle.”

These were Holger the Dane’s instructions he gave to Olav the Old in his dreams, before he sent him out on the mission.

In Canada, Olav the Old was heading for the Great Lakes, but Odins ravens came and guided him south. When he reached the Californian Gulf, he found  the most beautiful Ocean he had ever seen. Here he started the mission of finding allied, but without song and music, he had little chance.

Odin sent signs to 26 year old Viking Valkyrie “Hayley the Singer” from Robinwood in England to enforce the mission with her voice and skills in teaching recycling and archery.

Hayley and Olav will travel for 21 days on this Viking Tour in Baja California, possibly with others. The tour starts by the Viking Runestone in Orange County, California on August 11th. From there it will go down to Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, at the tip of the Californian Peninsula. It ends back in Los Angeles, California on August 27th.

The travel plan is currently like this, it may be modified. All dates are in August 2019.

Mission Briefing in Denmark (9th to 10th)
Hayley travel to Denmark to meet Holger the Dane and other travelers on 9th August. 10 August they set sails and travels with the speedy winds of the sun to Los Angeles in California.
(Alternatively Hayley fly directly from Manchester)

Viking Runestone Meetup in California (10th to 12th)
Hayley will join his Landship “The White Pearl”. The first Alliance meetup is with Viking Ancestors by the Runestone at the Danish Church and Cultural Center in Yorba Linda, California.


Kiss the Soil meetup in La Mision de San Miguel, Mexico (12th to 13th)
The second Viking Alliance meetup is at the lands of Chieftainess “Miss Kiss the soil” at her permaculture ranch near La Mision de San Miguel.

Indian desert meetup at the lands of the Kumiay Tribe (13th to 14th)
The 3rd Viking Alliance meetup is at the lands of the Kumiay Tribe in San José de La Zorra.

Landship tour to the Lagoon of the Gray Whales (14th to 15th)
On the 14th they set sails for a journey to the Lagoon of the Gray Whales in Guerro Negro, Baja California Sur.

Meeting “The Mexican Viking” in Loreto (15th to 16th)
On the 15th, the landship arrives in Loreto, to meet with “The Mexican Viking” and his “clan” in Loreto.

Surf camp at Graen Surf Shop, La Paz (16th to 18th)
On the 16th the Landship arrive at the lands and surf shop ranch of Chieftain Graen with allied “Caballo the Surfer” and other people of surf and local tribes.

Lagoon of La Ventana meetup (18th to 19th)
In the Lagoon of La Ventana, the landship arrive at the Central Viking Campsite to meet Chieftainess “Olivia the Kite-Surfer” and other local tribe people.

Desert Waterfalls Meetup – Sol de Mayo (19th to 20th)
Evening Bonfire camp meetup with morning Waterfall swinning and hiking in this sacred place in the deserts of Baja California Sur.

Cabo base at Ocean Tigers Dive House (20th to 23rd)
In Cabo they meetup with allied Chieftain of the Ocean Tiger tribe, “Benoit the Ocean Diver” and stay at his camp for 3 days. There will be many experiences and meetups with many, amongst them Danish Vikings “Kenneth the Mason” and local Chieftain “Aron the Glassboat Captain”.

Todos Santos Hostel Viking Camp (23rd to 25th)
In Todos Santos they will stay at the Todos Santos Hostel where they will meet many allied from multiple places, amongst them “Sergio Broudshoulder” and “Alex the Recycler” from Todos Santo, “Agos the Fashoin Designer” from Argentina and “Kenny the Photographer” from Denmark.

Traveling back (25th to 27th)
Early on the 25th, they start the journey back. They stay in Loreto or Guerro Negro for one night (25th to 26th) and continue the next day with a stay one night (26 to 27th) in La Mision or at Chieftain “Randy the Carartist” at his shop near Huntington Beach in California. On the 27th Olav the Old sends Peter Songwriter and Hayley the Singer back on the Sunship, and they go back to Denmark to report to Holger the Dane, before Hayley go back to England to find allies in the forests of Robinwood and around.

Remark: The dates makes flying very expensive, so it may be very difficult to find sufficient money. We cannot book anything until we know we have sufficient money, and we should NOT be disappointed if we don’t succeed. Then we’ll just say “øv” and try again.

We have received sponsor gifts that we have or will put out as prizes in fundraising raffles or sell at fundraising auctions. See more at the Viking Tour 2019 Sponsor Gifts page.

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