Circle of Life TourS

Circle of Life Tours are Community Traveling Tours with music, purpose and experiences for life. The tour concept, organizing and specific planning is still in development, so nothing is certain and this page is mostly served as inspiration and information for interested people and tourist operators.

Exclusive VIP and VIP Travelers get full service food, unique experiences, healing, amazing personal service, talent development, transport and more. Accomodation will be at various interesting places, which could be places such as the Todos Santos example place shown in the video.

Adventure Travelers and Work Adventure Travelers travel at low or no cost.


Music is the center point. The Mexico Tour 2021 is planned to start in Todos Santos and end after 10 weeks at a Festival in Mexico City.

The Scandinavia 2021 Tour is planned to start at the Jelling Music Festival in Denmark and go over 10 destinations over Copenhagen and up through Sweden, over Oslo and end in Stockholm.


Beaches, Surfing, Diving, Sailing, Swimming, Cliff Jumping, Hiking, Horseback Riding, Fishing, Waterfalls, Culture, City Tours, Pub Crawl, Farm Visits, Fairs, Markets, Festivals, Bonfire, Skating, Action, Playing, Dining, Dancing, Animal Rescue, Sustainable Living, Entertainment and Celebrity meetings, and more. For each destination, you will have lifetime exotic experiences. Each destination will have it’s own experiences.


We all live on the most wonderful planet in the universe and we want to conserve its amazing treasures for the future.

A main theme for the tour is to both learn, inspire and teach about sustainable good living. We will visit Eco-places and have Eco Experiences and visitors who will tell, teach and inspire. We will also visit schools, universities and local communities to inspire, teach and learn.

Talent & Empowerment

Talent comes from creativity. Creativity comes from fantasies. Fantasies comes from inspiration. Fantasies become dreams. Dreams becomes passions. Passions develop talents and talents make dreams become reality.

It all starts by inspiration and when we travel as a community, we inspire each other – and we travel with and meet talents who can inspire and teach. There will be classes and competitions in so many things. Yoga, Healing, Plants, Dance, Dive, Surf, Home Gardens, recycling, Digital Nomadism, Drawing, music, writing, singing, acting, entrepreneurship and much more.


Everything we do is about smiles, inclusion and feeling good about ourselves as individuals and as a community.

We travel as a community, we live as a community, we visit communities. We inspire and empower ourselves individually, we inspire and empower our own traveling community and we empower and inspire the communities we visit. And they empower and inspire us.

Where, When and final go/no go

The first 2021 tour is preliminarily planned to start in March in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur and ends in May in Mexico City.

Final Go/No Go is 31st December 2021

The second 2021 tour is preliminarily planned to start last week-end in May in Jelling, Denmark and end early August in Stockholm, Sweden.

Final Go/No Go is 28th February 2021

How much and what you get?

You can read about the different levels and what they generally include at this [Link to come]. Each destination will have different content, so you should also check the individual Tour destination pages and it is recommended you also join the corresponding Facebook Groups.[Links to come]

Exclusive VIP

To be advised
(Current estimate is $250 USD per day, $1,575 per week)



To be advised
(Current estimate is $150 USD per day, $945 per week)



To be advised
(Current estimate is $75 USD per day, $475 per week)


Work Adventure

To be advised
(Current Estimate is $0-25 USD per day, $0-160 per week)

(Only qualified applicants, price is individual and based on talent, value to the tour and on work time. There may also be opportunities for making money while traveling on the Tour.)


Group Discounts

If you are a group of 4 or more, contact us for special pricing and options.


How to reserve your space?

Exclusive VIP, VIP and Adventure

Fill out the reservation form [Link coming].
Be aware, that if a Tour does not have sufficient providers and participants by the Final Go/No Go date, it will be cancelled or postponed.


Work Adventure

Fill out the application form [Link coming]. You will be contacted personally by the Tour arrangers.


destination service providers

Destination service providers are individuals or businesses at the Tour destinations. The Tour will need provision of transport, food, servants, experiences, knowledge and talents of many kinds.


Whatever you have to offer, fill out the Circle of Life Service Provider application form [Link coming]. You will be contacted personally by the Tour arrangers.


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