Hi, we are Myriam and Kike. We love to travel and we love to welcome visitors. Here are some photos of our Micro-Hostel.

We hope one day we will see you here. Bienvenidos 🙂

OK, so this is our Micro-Hostel.

It is a 6 bedrooms house with 4½ bathrooms. Two rooms are dormitory rooms, 3 rooms are private rooms and the last room is where we live.

The house has a double garage and ample parking on the street. It is located 2 minutes from the bus station.


When you enter the house from the garage, you come into the living room. This is our common area.
It has TV with Netflix, sofa, dining table and chairs. There is a toilet, a door to the kitchen and a sliding door to the terrace.


The kitchen has stove and refrigerator.

Connected to the kitchen is a large storage room with shelves for food and other stuff.


The kitchen is also connected to a laundry room with washing machine.

From the laundry room is open out to a small grass area under open sky.

Sliding doors from the living room and the kitchen goes out to a terrace, connected to the grass area.

Going up the stairs to the first floor comes first an open area. This will be equipped with 2 computer desks as “digital nomad workspaces”. We’ll also add a whiteboard on the wall.

To the left is first a small room. It is a walking closet and storage room.

Next comes dormitory room number 1. It has 2 windows and a door out to a small balcony under open sky. The room has two bunk beds and fixed wall closets.

Right next dormitory number room 1 is dormitory room 2. It is more or less a copy, except it does not have a balcony.

Across from dormitory room 2 is bathroom number 1, with toilet and shower.

Going right from the stairs, is the first door into our room. It has a private bathroom with toilet and shower (Bathroom number 2). The bathroom is accessed from within our room. At times we rent our room out on Airbnb.

Next door is private room number 1.It is similar to our room, except the bathroom (bathroom number 3) is just across from the room. It is reserved only for guests in this room,

Up the stairs, at the third floor to the left is again a walking closet and storage room.

After that comes private room number 2. It is similar, but has a sliding door out to a spacious open balcony.

Next comes private room number 3. Similar to private room number 2, except for the balcony.

Across from private room number 3 is bathroom number 4, shared between the two private rooms.

Going to the right from the stairs  is a door out to a very spacious roof top terrace.

The location is right by the central bus station, 30 minutes walk from downtown Aguascalientes.

Now you have seen our house. If you visit us, we promise we will do our very best that you will never regret it.

Safe and happy traveling – take care – hope to see you soon 🙂

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