Kumiay project “Rural living as in the old days” seeks International friends – on waste sorting, water conservation, recycling, ecology, ridesharing

The Kumiay indigenous community seeks Kumiay friends in Baja California, in Mexico and across borders and continents.

They seek inspiration about modern waste sorting, recycling and much more – and they return inspiration about lifestyle in balance with nature.

The Kumiay community consists of approx. 250 people living in an oasis in Mexico’s desert in San José de la Zorra, Baja California.

They have extremely low crime, do organic farming and make crafts – like most people did all over the world in “the old days”. The community takes care of the elderly and others who need help.

They have a proud cultural heritage and make handicrafts, natural products and live a lifestyle in a good balance with nature. They also want to be proud of their community and area as a clean natural habitat.

Their way of life does not leave much waste, but modern living has nevertheless meant more waste. And as it happens in many places in Mexico and other places in the world, bottles, plastic and other things unfortunately often ends in natural habitats or in the oceans.

June 22nd 2018 the Kumiays started a project about culture and good life in balance with nature – starting with a cultural event Saturday 30th June 2018.

Following the event, they also want to start projects on sorting and collecting waste for recycling – and cleanup of their natural habitats. And with time much more.

Later in the summer they plan to invite international friends to a new event.

The intention is to exchange inspiration about a good and human way of life in balance with nature. Modern lifestyle like in “the good old days”.

As a facilitator for the project, I thank all who support the Kumiay Friends project.

Olav Lange Hansen

For further information please see the “Kumiay Friends” page on Facebook or contact the Kumiay Friends project team by sending a Facebook message at the page and we will contact you.

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