Back in time living

Imagine living in a house that has all the convenience you need, refrigerator, washing machine, heat and pumps powered by solar cells, water coming directly from Mother earth. Imagine you could grow your own organic vegetables and fruits.

In your house, and outside where your chickens and other animals also were. Imagine grand parents, parents and children together feeding the cows, collecting the eggs and plowing the horseshit into the fertile soil. Not alone, but together with the neighbors and the old friendly lady, who every so often brings a cake or homemade organic fruit juice. A woman helps the lady make dinner that day. They dine together that day, while watching the sun set. Grandpa don’t remember to well and can be grumpy and does not walk well. He gets his food served by his daughter and grandchildren, but this night is story night. Father and son helps grandpa out to the bonfire under the clear night sky, and then he starts telling exciting stories from his youth. The smartphone is silent, internet and TV is off. Well, it can be accessed, but usually under  community agreed rules for times and places, but nobody by the bonfire are “on the grid” this moment. Silence from messages and disturbing. Calmness, inner peace and presence settles. More people gathers around the bonfire and after Grandpa and the smallest ones have gone to bed, a man brings a guitar. After some songs the young go down to the lake, where they meet with young from the nearby village. The wind carries calming music and laughter to the parent couple still sitting around the bonfire, chatting while he finishes the fine carvings on a homemade beautiful furniture – and she preparing clay figures for tomorrow’s school subject in geometry. She is not teacher, but teaches tomorrow. First in math and then in nature and self-sustainability, which they do while doing work in the fields and greenhouses – and with the animals.

The quantum jump from fantasy dreaming to fantasy living

The back in time living illustrated may sound like unrealistic fantasy dreaming. Maybe some of it is. But hang on. Why is it fantasy? Was the illustrated description not somewhat how we used to live long before all the technologies we have today existed? Think about the logic. More…

How come, that both mom and dad today, with all those things that saves us so much time, have to work and be away from their children so much more of their time than they did 100 years ago? Is it not because we are fooled to think we need to earn a lot of money. The truth is we don’t. Not if we don’t spend a lot of money. Actually, especially if you are able to work online and you can find a community (with homeschooling if you have kids), this life is not only a very possible dream that you can try to live on a vacation. It is in reality a very realistic life, part time or full time. The jump from dreaming to living may seem big. But the truth is, that the biggest jump is in your mind – the jump to believing it is possible. Then, as you start letting go, you will experience it fast. It is logic common sense. Less things gives less obligations, more time and more freedom. More time and freedom gives more life opportunities. Simply put. Less is More. And back in time living with new technologies is future and sustainable living. This is the real big vision of the “Eve’s Garden University” project: A real-life proof of high life standard, yet sustainable living in a location people can visit on vacations and educational camps.