Spiritual well being

In less than a decade we, as a human race, suddenly found ourselves hypnotised by entertainment, advertisements and news. First it was TV who spelbound us in our homes, paying more attention to frightening news from a distant world, than to the problems in our own family and neighborhood.

Then came smartphones and social media, and spellbound us anywhere and everywhere, anytime and all the time. We got bombarded by advertisements and we learned to easily get things and beauty, we thought would make us happy. We showed all our glorious wealth and pretended happiness to our friends on the social media, while we were crying because we lost the feelings of togetherness and care for others. We got stressed, because we had to work more to pay for all the things we were fooled to think we needed. We praised freedom because we wanted to have it, even though we knew we had been fooled by money to give up our freedom in return for jobs for those who fooled us. We lost our spiritual beliefs and well being. We lost the true wealth of feelings and trustful relationships. We replaced it with the belief of individualism and money as the key to happiness. We learned that our personal success was a matter of competing in appearing to make as much or more money than our family, friends and neighbors, while the reality was that our worshipping of individualism made us alone and poor in the real values in life. Not that it is bad to make much money, but believing in individualism and money as the most important thing is not good. It is not difficult to find the real values in life. It is just a matter of will. And of finding spiritually like-minded people who worship togetherness and trustful relationships over personal monetary success and individualism.