The Kumiay Grand Cultural event June 30th is also kick-off for a “Act local, Think Global” sustainable initiative with potential global reach.

The Kumiays want to keep their natural habitats clean and make their community a location for education about a clean environment and a modern lifestyle, living in good balance with nature.

They also seek inspiration from the world to a modern lifestyle in balance with nature. They want to exchange ideas and gain wisdom about new and innovative ideas, technologies and methodologies.

You can contribute with your ideas and wisdom – and find inspiration and wisdom by becoming a “Kumiay Friend”.

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English: Kumiay project “Rural living as in the old days” seeks International friends – on waste sorting, water conservation, recycling, ecology, ridesharing

Danish: Kumiay projekt “landliv som gamle dage” søger danske venner – om affaldssortering, vandbesparelse, genbrug, økologi, samkørsel

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