Project summary
The project is first and foremost about promoting Denmark and Danish culture and values, hereunder focus on environmental consciousness and community welfare.

Project Plan

Tour concept

The concept is to travel as “a community” in a “caravan”. Anyone can follow – for one day, for multiple days, or for weeks or months. People travel in their own vehicles – or people with car offer people who do not have a car to travel with them (“Ridesharing”). A “Food bus” is the “Caravan leader”. The caravan camps at the destinations. The camp places will be coordinated with local communities, landowners or someone in advance of arrival. The Camps will seek existing Festivals – but otherwise a small festival event will be coordinated with the destination communities. Experiences for the travellers and the local community visitors will be planned and coordinated with the local communities. A Camp will usually last for three days, before taking of to the next destination. Caravan participants do not have to follow the caravan. They can take their own tours, split from the caravan and join again at a later destination. 

Tour Promotion Activities

The Caravan will arrange “Viking Games” and other Danish Culture promotion activities, such as cooking and bicycling competitions. Dependent on the participants, there will also be activities, such as singing and dancing contests, skateboarding and Hip-Hop battles – as well as Recyling and various “Eco-activities”. The activities that will take, will depend on what the travelling participants will arrange, as well as what the local community will arrange.

Tour Geography

The project is a Tour. A pre-tour is already in progress, currently in Baja Sur, where two of the Team Members are travelling and seeking sponsors, supporters and participants.

The real tour starts in Aguascalientes in the center of Mexico and takes a route out to the Mexican Gulf and down to the famous tourist destination, San Christobal in Chiapas as the most southern destination. The tour goes back to Aguascalientes up along the Pacific Coast before turning inland and again ending in Aguascalientes. The detailed tour plan is in development.


Start  date is in Aguascalientes on Sunday 12th May (the last day of La Feria de San Marcos)

[Here will come detailed destination camp locations and dates]

The tour ends in Aguascalientes on Sunday 11th August

Why promote Denmark?
Denmark has a rich globally known cultural heritage, a proud history and a strong economy. Citizens enjoy free education, long maternity and paternity leave, free health care and a high level of equal opportunities and equality. Copenhagen is famous worldwide as one of the most livable cities in the world and Denmark ranks high as a cycling and Eco-conscious nation. Books about “Danish Hygge” have become international bestsellers and Danish people are said to be amongst the most honest and happy people in the world.

Danish people do indeed enjoy many benefits of their strong national identity and brand. Being Danish or having Danish ancestors is attached with a good feeling of pride, and our national identity makes people throughout the world welcome us. Whether we are out in the world to do business or as visitors, foreign people welcome us in their countries, communities and homes.

My personal motivation is primarily to find a way back to a happy life, and in time back to family in Denmark. I believe that given time, doing good, staying honest and standing true to my pride of my family and Danish identity and values, will eventually reward me.

What do we need money for – and how much
We need a total of minimum $20.000
We need to buy and prepare a Tour Bus and to cover for gas for 6,000 km on this tour. The price of the bus is budgetted at $8,000 and gas at $1,500 and we have estimated $2,000 for kitchen and accomodation equipment. We will make a Tour Webpage with video stories and promote the Tour on Social Media. We need estimated $1,000 video and photo equipment and have put a budget of $1,000 for Web page and costs for Facebook Ads promotion. Lastly we have budgetted with $3,000 for food for the tour volunteers (the responsible team included). We do not take passengers in the bus. We are not charging a tour participants fee – and we take no liability. Nevertheless, we have budgetted with $1,000 for professional juridical assistance to ensure every aspect is legal and for possible necessary insurance. We have added 2,500 to cover for unspecified things for promotion activities and materials – and for unforeseen expenses.

What do people who support the team get in return
For each donated $50 (or the equivalent in other currencies), the donator gets a unique serial numbered lottery “coupon”. We will seek sponsor gifts before and during the tour and during or at the tour draw random winners of sponsor gifts.

If required by law, an invoice of a legally registered business will be issued and any legally required taxes will be paid out of the amount donated.

What do organizations and businesses who support our tour get in return
A business or organization who donate a sponsor gift, will be mentioned listed on a web-page and mentioned in a video on the day we draw the winner.

Businesses or organizations who donate $250 or more will get a “Sponsor Space” on the web page for their business and will be mentioned in one or more videos.

A business or organization who pay $500 or more will get a “Sponsor Space” plus a “Supporter Promotion Space” for their business.

A business or organization who pay $1,000 or more will get a “”Sponsor Space” for their business plus an “Empowerer Promotion Package”

All businesses and organization  will get an invoice from either a Danish legally registered business, or from a Mexican legally registered business. If required by law, the business must pay taxes on top of the amounts mentioned.

When do we need the funds
We need the funds raised no later May 9th 2019. However, if we don’t have all funds, we will do one of the following: a) postpone the Tour and funds dead-line with 1 month (which we can do multiple times), b) announce a reduction of the tour ambitions to the cost level we have received, but continue to collect money or 3) start the tour and go as far as we can on our personal own funds, while continuing to seek funding and to make money as we go.

What will we do if we get more money, than we ask for
We will use extra money to arrange a new Tour in Denmark and going down through Europe.


 The Tour Team and the Tour Supporting Team

[Here will come pictures and videos of the Team members]

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