Pursue your dreams

What is dreaming to you? To me it is the future life I deeply desire to become reality. My dreams have been something I’ve always been aware I may never reach, however, I have never stopped pursuing it.

I will not claim that pursuing my dreams have not had its downs. And you probably will have downs too. But everybody have downs, and the worst down I could ever think of would be if I had given up on my dreams at an early stage in my life.

I think everybody should dream – and pursue their dreams.

But what is YOUR dream?
What life do you dream of?
What do you dream to achieve in life?

If you cannot answer, then don’t despair. These questions are probably the most difficult questions anyone can ask, and they can be almost scary questions. Yet, as a young person having to make choices for your lifetime, they are probably also the most important questions you can ask yourself right now.

Why? Well, it is the decisions you take now, that will determine, not only the next few years of your life, but maybe your entire life.

Through my lifetime, I have constantly been seeking the answers. I have asked the questions to myself, I have explored the world and I have asked many people in my generation and also the elderly generation. Almost all “settled people” seem to have the same answer. They just want to live as they do – maybe a few very modest ambitions – but very rarely any substantial change. Basically people seem to not want change.

But the subject can become very sensitive. I’ve experienced first hearing people complaining about this, that and everything in their own lives, very often followed by blaming politicians and others for making their and everybody’s lives miserable. I usually also experience light turn on in their eyes when they talk about experiences and memories from their youth, or when picturing the lives they see in their favorite TV programs about exotic travelers, people living simple farm lives and other lifestyles, much different from their own. But raising the question about their dreams again, I have so often experienced an almost aggressive rejections of the idea that they inside themselves actually do dream of a the different life. For years I kept wondering. Why did people so aggressively deny themselves to dream and pursue dreams? It was not until I met a Trail Angel on the Pacific Crest Trail, that I found the answer.

“Everybody have dreams of a better life, but many people feel trapped by debt, standards of living, job, house, spouse, children and social relations and obligations. Although many people live a life very far from their dream life, they are extremely insisting to express they live a good and happy life. Why? Well, when changing their lives is so full of unknowns and risks, that it seems completely irresponsible to pursue a dream, then they don’t really have a choice, do they? They have to try to convince both themselves and anybody else, that they live the life of their dreams, don’t they?”

It was as if the reactions and replies from thousand discussions through my lifetime ran through my head at dwarf speed. I realized that starting to talk about dreams and life changing decisions could be a trigger of a some kind of survival reaction, triggered by a fear of change.

Those people I have observed making a successful substantial change, seem to follow the same pattern. I have tried to make this pattern systematic:
1) Acknowledge that you want change
2) Make a pretty well defined definition of how you dream your life to be in 30, 20, 10, 5 years time.
3) Don’t yet start thinking about how you want your life to be before in 5 years time yet. Maybe you should start with the 10 year dream. You need to give your mind time to process a long term goal, before you start making actual plans. Be patient, otherwise you’ll risk to force yourself into a stressful situation. When you define a long term dream, it may seem very unrealistic right now,  but it is so far away that your subconscious mind will not feel insecurity and risks. But you will automatically put your mind to work, also in your sleeps. Your subconscious mind will automatically start analyzing everything about your situation, your strengths and weaknesses, and you will subconsciously start to improve knowledge and skills leading towards the goal of your dream. It is simply how our brains are constructed, like a giga artificial intelligence computer, seeking the best solutions for the task you put it to do. Therefore you will also automatically become unconsciously aware of opportunities that will take you in the direction of your dream.

Now, before taking the next conscious step, you should learn the power of “The Flower of Life” (my definition, I should add). It will make you consciously aware of emotions, that can trigger fear and make you feel insecure about your abilities to reach your dreams. If that happens, it can trigger a kind of “freeze” mode, where you lose the courage to change your life.

The power of the flower of life cannot be easily explained, but in brief it is about removing your fear of six feelings. Fear of not feeling safe, fear of feeling you don’t have enough money food, etc, fear of the feeling of loosing freedom, fear of the feeling of loosing inclusion, fear of the feeling of not feeling self-confident and fear of not feeling you are trusted and/or loved. Your subconscious mind will automatically work to bring you towards the goals of your dreams, but… a lasting fear of one of the mentioned feelings, can make it turn in the opposite direction and cause anxiety.

If you learn the power of The Flower of Life, you will replace anxiety with self-confidence. Just the scientific explainable parts of it. But to me, it has also had some kind of a spiritual power, giving me a feeling, that the Universe or something divine that science cannot explain, somehow guided and protected me from fears. The Flower of Life can make you find strength’s, self-confidence and pride in yourself, that you never knew you possesed. You can find out that you don’t need to prove anything to anyone, but yourself. You can find yourself smiling much more – and you can find people around you trusting you and smiling much more.

If you feel insecure about what choices you should make for your life, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I cannot promise anything, other than I will be very happy to talk to you in person or over a video call, and do my best effort in being your “Dream coach” for an hours time. I will not charge anything, other than hope that you, at some point in time, will let me know if you feel my coaching was helpful to you.