In 2016 GreenDriveThinking started to appear visible in Danish media. Project “Young Villagelift”, a School Book project, an ambitious Driving Habits Ambassador project, an Intelligent Community Ridesharing App with technology like Uber, but with a community crowdfunding business model that was all about sharing and circular local community economy and social responsibility.  Agreements were made with 20 Danish municipalities, more than 3.000 citizens responded in a Driving Habits survey, Aalborg University and 4 Danish municipalities sent an funding application to the Danish government, letters of support arrived from Denmark and abroad. But circumstances changed things and GreenDriveThinking disappeared for a while. Now it is 2020 and GreenDriveThinking is about to quietly surface and continue our mission. A mission all are invited to join.  

 Our mission

We work to engage people to unite, share and act and daily transport and traveling are important aspects of most people’s lives. However, the true goal in our mission is community togetherness. It is about helping one another in communities. About being kind and co-create. Ridesharing is about giving and receiving. But it is also about inclusion and connecting in real life.

In 2020 a new international “Talent Oases network” comes to surface. It is a no-money exchange network. Members post offers of time, skills or whatever they have to offer, while at the same time they as for what they are looking for. Of course they can offer a ride or ask for a ride, but also help with a website or gardening. There are no limits.

Travel offers that build international connections are, however, strongly encouraged. For example, if you live in Toronto and are about to go to Denmark on an adventure trip, you can post that you offer “couchsurfing stays” and introduction to your community, if someone visits Toronto. At the same time you can write that you are looking for the same in e.g. Aarhus in Denmark.

Our objective is to build an international network of eco-entrepreneurs and other talented engaged people who will be ambassadors and participate on the journey of our mission.

main assignment is engagement and crowdfunding. We crowdfund engagement events (sometimes as parties for young, sometimes events for old and development of the intelligent ridesharing App. The idea is, that people who use also owns it and money paid for rides stay in the local community. After 3 years of world traveling, the crowdfunding model is even better now in 2020.

We travel the world to engage. We turn work into a lifestyle of experiences, fun and good vibrations. We engage mostly young, but also old and everyone in between.

In our work, we help communities to raise funding for local community entrepreneur, prosperity, charity and mobility projects – reciprocal help, because they help us in return.

We research, share information. We inspire and teach when requested. About mobility, prosperity, sharing economy and sustainable entrepreneurship. Our focus is number 1 on rural areas, but also on urban and city areas.
Our vision is to help young and elderly, rich and poor to gain more freedom – and equal opportunities. To give parents more freedom and better economy. To give better mobility and prosperity to rural areas. To reduce the time people waste in traffic jams. To save money in everyday transport – and to give people more time to spend with family and friends.
Our vision is for all people to feel safe, rich and free. And to feel included, confident, appreciated and trusted. It is about a lifestyle in balance with emotions and nature.

To whom it might concern 
“…worked together … since 2016…incomparable knowledge of real-time involvement and up-start of… when it comes to knowledge about mobilization and involvement… I give Olav Lange Hansen my best recommendations”
Niels Agerholm, Head of Division of Transport Engineering, Aalborg University

Read the full letter (English Original

Ridesharing can help make more children active! 
“…an easily accessible model for establishing ridesharing in a community.
…a significant contribution to getting even more children to practice sports…”
Per Nedergaard Rasmussen, DGI Facilities & Local Development 

Read the full letter (English Translation) or Danish original


Letter of intent for the project “Young Village lift”
“… it is at present to be regarded as a strong intent of support from Coop to actively participate in the realization…”
Association Director Benedikte Marie Kaalund, Coop Amba

Read the full letter (English Translation) or Danish original


Letter of support
“… In conclusion, we fully support their efforts as they seek external funding and/or partners in order to engage in local, national and international projects…”
The Danish Road Administration, Karsten Kirk Larsen, Head of Department

Read the full letter (English original)

Letter of support for GreenDriveThinking (Norway)
“… they address the adoption challenge that is required for “Spontan samkjørsel” (spontaneous ridesharing, red) to become a real success with substantial impact on Norwegian Economy and welfare – and global environment…”
Arrild Eggen, project manager, Norwegian Public Roads Administration

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Letter of support (Germany)
“…different age groups are being addressed, thus working with the traffic issues not only in the short term, but…”
Dr. Oliver Fuchs, Office for Regional Development Leine and Weser Region

Read the full letter (English original)


Support for Green Drive Thinking (Canada)
“…It is grass roots programs like this that truly make a difference in our society. I am especially encouraged by your focus on GHG reduction as this is a problem that all nations must tackle together if we’re going to ensure a safe and prosperous future for our children…”
Doug Smith, P.Eng. Assistant Director, Sustainability Vancouver, British Columbia Canada 

Read the full letter (English original)

Letter of support – GreenDriveThinking (Denmark)
“… projects that are facilitating behavioural change are needed…”
Jorn Pedersen, Mayor of City Kolding and Chairman of The Technology and Environment Comitee, Local Goverment Denmark 


Read the full letter (English original)

Letter of Support (Denmark)
“… further collaborate, not only by exchanging experience and knowledge, but also…”
Martin Pape, Traffic Representative, Kolding Municipality

Read full letter (English original)

Letter of support (Denmark)
“I’m excited to express my support for the School Book project initiated by GreenDriveThinking…” 
Trille Nicolaisen, Politician, Kolding Kommune, Denmark

Read the full letter (English original)

Letter: Establishment of a pilot project “Young Villagelift” (Denmark)
“…therefore, from us here we send a strong appeal to Vejle Municipality to enter into the establishment of a pilot project…”
Anni Assenbjerg, Local council Vejle Vesteregn

Read full the letter (English Translation) or Danish original


Insero Horsens letter of Interest (Denmark)
“Specific co-operation opportunities have been identified within national, EU and other international programmes…”

Read full letter (English original)


Letter of support (Denmark)
“… the people behind have my very strong support and commitment to contribute to success” 
Klaus Haltrup, owner Gordios Business Building

Read full letter (English original)

Letter of support (Norway)
“… too many projects in the mobility domain invest in tangible elements and technology solutions only… GreenDriveThinking has a balanced approach…”
Kristian Amlie, Mobility consultant at KAM-EL, Bergen, Norway

Read the full letter (English original)


GreenDriveThinking has been silent in Denmark for a while, but will soon return again.

The Kumiay Friends,  The Eco-Network-Sundays, The Cafe Flores, the Viking Travelers and more – all are project connected to the GreenDriveThinking project. It is like a flower of life. At the root is mobility and freedom – and from there grows leaves of many parts of life. It is about living in balance with nature, about community ridesharing, adventure travel ridesharing. It is about freedom and equal opportunities for education and work for young and all people living in rural areas, it is about tourism and eco-entrepreneurs – about living with passion and purpose. It is also about inclusion and about smiling and caring for each other – and for a better future. But it is in particular about engaging young and other citizens in making their own world and their community a better place – together, smiling, enjoying music, laughing.

It is also about helping less fortunate people of all ages out of crime, pain and loneliness by saying “Hey buddy – you are also worth a great deal – we need you” – and about guiding young through the confusion of a rapidly coming 4th industrial revolution with robots and Artificial Intelligence, and in that new world find a life path of purpose, fulfillment and happiness.

This page is a re-construction of essentials of the previous GreenDriveThinking website, which, sad to say, is now owned by a Chinese company. There is a long story behind. It is complicated, tough, sad and personal, but it is also about some people who unfortunately care little for climate and justice, but much for their personal wealth and power. They did not like GreenDriveThinking and would rather make a lot of money and see a future of monetary wealth for themselves, than see a better future for the planet and for us all. It is not easy to change that, but If you want to read about it, please send an e-mail to, and I’ll send you a summary of that story.

But rather than looking back, I suggest you read the “GreenDriveThinking, Coofle and Young Villagelift” article from 2016 first, and then you may also want to check out the GreenDriveThinking Facebook Page and read some of the letters below.

All GreenDriveThinking activities and projects have, so far, been personally funded. Of course we hope you want to support the GreenDriveThinking “Flower of Life” project and we would be very happy if you purchased a Coofle VIP Card for $50 USD. Or reserved one for $10 USD.

However, we would be even more happy, if a school class wrote us a letter, that they would like to help. Then we will do as we have previously done with a school class in Denmark. We wrote a “sponsor request letter”. All the students “signed”, and it was sent to a local company. They immediately sponsored the equivalent of ca. $1,000 USD to purchase ca. 25 Coofle VIP Card. In that way, all the students got one free. The new thing now is, that 50% goes back to the school class, for them to use for “engagement events”. Some $500 USD is not a fortune, but usually more comes after. We are not saying it all has to be spent on parties or tours, but Eco-network camping tours or parties with fun, music and laughter can absolutely be supported. Ridesharing, fun and laughter may be exactly what we need to seriously start talking with each other- and from there start to change the world. When many speak with one voice, even politicians start listening!


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