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What is GreenDriveThinking, Young Villagelift and Coofle?

The purpose is to perceive that every vehicle with a vacant seat and a safe driver is a bus, thus reach the perception that there are always many bus departures everywhere, also in rural areas. This view is achieved through Young Villagelift Workshops, which engage the young people in solving their problem of having difficulties in getting around. They do this by getting the adults to offer themselves as drivers for school classes and other safe groups in the communities. The involvement of both young people and adults is supported by a circular crowd funding economy model that also engages local businesses and so that money that would otherwise leave the community goes to pocket money for youth and for local purposes. The intelligent Coofle App is not released in an area until a large number of adults have been achieved. Otherwise, the youth would look in vain for the lift and reject the App from the start.

It is expected that this model can lead to such substantial local support that a high enough lift supply can be achieved, that it enough to reduce the need for parental driving for leisure by 75%. Thus, Coofle can help to restore the freedom that many young people feel they have lost as the bus routes are closed down and, furthermore, it gives parents the freedom back, which they feel they have lost because of driving for their children to school and leisure activities.

In the begiining, the users of the Coofle App are the young people and the drivers are mainly parents who have a car. Once the supply of drivers has been achieved, it will be easier for other groups than the young people, to also start using the app. Groups can be arranged for Elder Lift and when adults find that they do not become dependent on coordination, it also gives the foundation for work ridesharing, without the adults loosing their mobility freedom.

The Coofle solution is a combination between two App’s. The first is a social platform where registration and safe groups and practical driving friendships are established. This is where the necessary supply of tours is achieved.

The Intelligent Coofle is an App with similar real-time technology such as Uber, Lift and other solutions, just with the difference that taxi driving is not possible, because in Coofle, it is only tours that drivers are driving anyway, that passenger can query.

By dividing the project into the first Young Villagelift Engagement Project with the Coofle Driving Friends App, which the organizes the young people in groups with safe drivers and thereupon a “Start using it” project with the Intelligent Coofle Driver and Passenger Apps, one can obtain assurance of a large number of lift offers from the first day the solution is put into use. At the same time, the circular economy model ensures solid local anchoring with economically motivated local motivation for success. This counteracts the sad “we had good intentions, but it was not taken into use” fate that many other good ridesharing projects have suffered.

What are the sharing economics perspectives at GreenDriveThinking, Ung Landsbylift and Coofle?
The model is seen as a solution to mobility in rural areas transport of young people in leisure time. In the long term, the solution will also be able to solve the elderly’s transport needs, and it will improve general mobility for adults, including access to work. The solution is often presented under the topic “Mobility, Growth and Well-being in Rural Areas”. In addition, there is a derived effect with very significant CO2 reduction.

In a sharing-economy perspective, many ideas have emerged for other usages of the organization in safe and practical groups. Elderly help, sharing trailers and street groups where you can share everything from grills to drills. The organization of university students in the development team as “Crowd Entrepreneurs” provides opportunities for many additional Apps to address specific needs on the same data platform.

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