Probably the best offer for Hostel Travelers ever. Hostel Traveler Money Back & Bed Back Guarantee.
As a traveler in the popular destinations in Mexico, it is hard to find a hostel bed at less than 1,200 pesos per week.
This offer is 1,800 pesos, but for a full month. So 600 pesos for more than 3 weeks extra. Now of course, you may not want to stay a full month in one place. But if you leave after a week, you get money back. And if you return, you get your bed back.
This is so much more advantageous than booking a stay at a normal hostel, that you may ask “How is this possible?” and “The Money Back and Bed Back Guarantee, are they real?”
Firstly, about the “Bed Back Guarantee”. It a 100% real guarantee. If you leave and return within the month you have paid for, you just walk back in and get your bed back. Of course, because you paid for your bed for a full month.
Secondly, about the “Money Back”, how does that work? It is not complicated. When you are not in the hostel, your bed is vacant. When your bed is vacant, you and the hostel rent your bed out on Airbnb. The hostel does the work, so you don’t have to worry about anything, and the “Money Back” is simple. 50% of the net earnings goes to the Hostel for the work. The other 50% is the money you get back.
For example, let’s imagine you have paid for 1 month. You arrive, but after a week you suddenly decide to go somewhere else. You tell the Hostel that you leave, and you don’t know when you’ll come back. Maybe you’ll not come back at all. Now, the hostel will put your bed out for rent on Airbnb. If the hostel succeed in renting your bed out all 23 nights of the rest of the month, at a net income of 180 pesos per night, the net income would be 4,140 pesos. The money you would get back, would be 50% of that, which is 2,070 pesos.
Of course this is a wishful situation, where you would get more money back than you paid for the entire month. It is possible, but not very likely. However, even if your bed is only rented out 10 days of the 23, then you would still get 900 pesos back. In this scenario, you would come out having paid a total of 900 pesos for the one week you stayed. Still very good.
Of course, there is also a risk that you bed is not rented out one single night during the 23 days. In that case you would not get money back, and you’d have paid 1,800 pesos for the week you stayed. This is not very likely, but it is a risk. But how bad would this “worst case scenario” be? Well, you would have paid 1,800 pesos for a week. Actually not that bad.
This “risk”, which is not that bad, is one of two parts that makes this offer possible.

The other part that makes it possible, is that we ask you to pay 5,400 up front for three months (Se the note below for exceptions). By paying up front for three months you become part of the “Micro-Hostel crowd-funding community”. Your up front payment are invested in establishing new Micro-Hostels in Mexico and in other places around the world.

*Note: We do make exceptions about 3 months up front payment. The Micro-Hostels network is also about learning skills, eco-entrepreneurship and environmental and social responsibility. We do interviews, and qualified individuals can be granted only 1 month up front payment. At a later time, we intend to launch a “Social sponsorship empowerment program”.

Our ambition is to make a social and environmental responsible global “Micro-Hostel network”. The vision is to give you (and ourselves) the opportunity to travel safe between Micro-Hostels in many parts of the world, while also have easy opportunity to “do something for a better world”. So this is not only  “probably the best hostel traveler offer” you’ll ever find. It is a chance to travel with purpose, always knowing there is a safe place with a friendly, helpful and welcoming community just around the corner. It is more than a vision. It is a dream. A dream of “second homes” and “second communities” where ever you go. It is a dream of freedom without risk. It is a dream of a good, purposeful life with many smiles and happy moments.
“Myriam & Kike’s Micro-Hostel” is the first up-and-running Micro-Hostel. See it and feel the good vibes here.
To reserve your “Micro-Hostel Bed” (private rooms are also available), click this link.
We are happy to answer questions and tell more. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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