Mother Earth has received immense amounts of energy from the sun and the universe for eons. Energy that released would end the world as we know it. She stores black excess power energy in her womb, protecting the life she has given birth to, as a mother protecting her children.

But she also releases green energy for our use. She does that in wind, wood, waves and her atmosphere lets us receive energy from the sun. As human beings, she gave us the gift of wisdom to use energy to make our lives convenient, easy and exciting. But we wanted more than she allowed us. We learned to access the black power energy in her womb. As grubby children who steal and eat unhealthy cookies until they get a sick, we are no better. We steal the black energy. We consume it and releases so much of it, that we are threatening the very balance of our own world. But we don’t need to. We can even live better with less black energy. But we need to gain and spread the wisdom so we change our energy consuming behaviour.