Corona Solutions Introduction

The Covid19 virus pandemic has caused governments to close borders and basically globally shut down society. Very few, if any, has really understood the purpose of the “Corona Nabohjælp i hele danmark” initiative. It is a solution, that, with government mandate, could get the Corona Virus under control very fast.

Yet, the Corona virus still thrive and spread, and as it spread, people become more and more fearful. Not only of the virus disease, but also for their well being and lives for many other reasons.

Seen from a helicopter perspective, all authorities do one very right thing – but none of them did it timely. With the Covid19 virus spreading in their societies, they keep acting defensive and ineffective, rather than offensive.


Covid19TSS and PCovid19TSS – different kinds of dangerous “viruses”

The authority measures are not effective, and in their unpreparedness they cause the rise of an effect with similar characteristics of a virus. I have given them names. Covid19TSS is already spreading with dramatic speed and will mutate into PCovid19TSS when the Covid19 pandemic is under control. They are as viruses and will cost many human lives as well as they will have dramatic everyday influence on our societies as well as they will shape the global society as it has happened several times in history. Unfortunately, it is not unlikely that they will cause civil wars and wars between countries or continents

Scientific approach to Predict the future

Having watched “The code” on Netflix, a three-part documentary series, where host Marcus du Sautoy examines the mathematical code underlying all of life on Earth and the universe itself, will probablym make you understand more about a scientific approach to predict the future. The third part is about predicting the future. There are many other online resources on a scientific approach to predict the future. The laws of Thermodynamics is another of my favourites.

Understanding mathematics and the laws of nature and of the universe, does make looking into the future a science. It is about collecting factual data and construct a “probability cloud”. In that cloud are infinite outcome probabilities, but you can narrow them down. Your brain does this all the time without being aware of it. Of course it is impossible to predict the future precisely. You know that, but when you for example clean up in the kitchen before your spouse comes home, it is a simple “timely measure to avoid a potential disaster”. Human behaviour is predictable and human crowd behaviour is much more reliable and easy to predict than it is to predict the behaviour of individuals.

The Corona pandemic has caused the biggest “wisdom of the crowd” that has ever existed in history. Even with the little and biased data each of us have access to, the probability cloud of future scenarios does automatically form some pictures in our subconsciousness, whether we want to or not. It cause anxiety that paralyze some people, but in general, we all have the same basic instinct. The survival instinct. And therefore we act. But if we don’t have better solutions ourselves, then all we can do is to follow the advise and rules of government authorities. But I am sorry to say – they are not sufficient – and they make huge and very costly errors. Not to blame them, they do what they can. But the authorities don’t have experience and don’t know any solutions, even though the solution is right in front of their eyes.

Greta Thunberg

When Greta Thunberg gathered millions of people from all over the world, she did it because in her mind, Climate Change was threatening her own survival. Maybe her “photo snapshot” of her future was worse than most people’s, but she was far from alone. Millions started to follow her. And billions of dollars designed a strategy, to dim and mute her voice. The action she called for would cost billions and a new society infrastructure where they had less power and made less money. They gave her a few weeks high media attention – and then nothing. They won the first round. And the Corona pandemic helped them win the next round. Her voice is now effectively muted.

But the Corona pandemic is a mathematically predictable reaction of nature to reestablish balance in the planet earth ecosystem, so although not giving a precise prediction of a pandemic, she predicted it. She called for people in power to use their access to data and foresee reactions like this, and then to take timely action. But because she was not precise in telling about what would happen and about effective solutions, her voice was muted.

But how precise was she actually?

“Climate change will cause poverty, diseases, hunger, crime and wars.” I am quite sure she has said something similar to this, just as millions of others have said before her. And here we are and we all know that millions will die. But she also said solutions exists. And that is in my opinion true. But the real problem in our society, is that the real solutions are kept from surfacing because they do not serve the interest of economic growth.

a future PREDICTION SCENARIO for lA mISION, Baja California, Mexico

I spent around two years in Mexico, most of the time in this area. It is about an hour and a half south of San Diego and the US/Mexican border. 

La Mision and Santa Anita are two small rural towns that together makes up one town, located on the entrance to the famous Wine Valley. The majority income for the area is from tourism and US retirements, which the US citizens spend in the area. Many US and other nation citizens live here in gated american communities. The majority are retired and, in US terms, not wealthy. Many have moved to Mexico, because they can sustain a much higher living standard in Mexico than in the USA. Some also live in the much less costly Mexican neighbourhoods. The area fight with heavy drug and alcohol addition problems.

A great part of the Mexican population in the area live in poverty. A cleaning lady or construction worker would charge as low as 5 USD for one days full work.

Shall we try to guess the scenario now or in the very near future? I will start with the sentence from the Greta Thunberg section above and exchange “Climate change” with “Corona virus”. 

“Corona Virus will cause poverty, diseases, hunger, crime and wars.”

Right now, I feel pretty confident, that income from tourism have dropped to more or less zero. I’m also pretty sure the wealthy americans have felt some insecurity about the situation, and have left the area and gone back to the US. So they don’t spend money in the area either.

So left there will be the poorest of the americans and all the Mexicans, of which most are poor and for the majority have already lost their job and income. Some are most likely already starving. And the wealthy are probably already doing the logic thing to protect their properties and possesions: Increasing security. So what is likely to come next? It is not so difficult to foresee. 

I wrote the following to the administrators of an international Greta Thunberg group “#YouGoGreta” yesterday. It says it pretty well, but I did not want them to post it, because it can raise fear. But today I think it is necessary to bring attention to a solution, that can save millions of lives all over the globe. But only if people in power take timely action – and of course they can only take timely action if they know the solution.

And the solution exists 1 hour on a dirt road into the desert from La Mision. The Kumiay community in San José de la Zorra can implement it within a day. And if we learned from them all over the world, we could stop and kill the Covid19 virus itself – live much better and also reduce the effects of the COVID19TSS and PCOVID19TSS “virusses” dramatically.

Post to #YouGoGretha 25th march 2020

Dear administrators. Please read this, but don’t post it. 

The long post you did not approve was purely about Corona and ignorance from politicians in listening/facing truth and in acting timely. Bill gates predicted it 5 years ago. 

However, it was very relevant to this group. I am 100% certain Gretha would agree, because she already said it! Economic crises cause crime and wars. Climate Change cause economic crises => Poverty => Crime =>war on people.

Corona is even worse, and some would say it is mother nature acting to protect planet earth. I agree to the extent that nature will always seek unbalance corrected.

But I am extremely sad to now predict a 100% certainty of poverty and crime that can lead to further ruin of one of the most precious habitats for sea life on planet Earth. Sea of Cortez, also called the Californian Gulf and by Jacques Costeau named “The Aquarium of the world”.

It is already greatly suffering unbalance because of plastic and overfishing, but mostly because water from the Colorado River is used by US farmers, and in households, watering lawns and golf courses and swimming pools in some the hottest areas and cities in the world, Phoenix, Arizona for example.

I was in San Felipe where the Colorado river used to flow into the Sea of Cortez. It was when the extinct treatened “Vaquita” hyped in the media and the Mexican president and a famous actor known from Titanic (no blame on him) met and posted many millions of USD into saving the Vaquita. 

Authorities prohibited fishing with nets. Fishing families lost their income. Little compensation was given. Authorities made sure riots did not start. Corrupt officials and their friends got most money channeled into building hotels and expanding tourism. I have some doubt about Eco awareness, all though it was said.

The reason was to avoid poverty from prohibition on fishing. But of course people remained poor – only kept at survival level.

So what will happen now with the Corona? Unfortunately the entire Baja California and Baja California Sur, and many other parts of Mexico are extremely dependent on tourism and on the wealthy North american winterbird/retirement communities. 

I doubt the Mexican government can afford compensation this time – it is many millions of already poor families who will lose their jobs. 

If people don’t have money for food, we get the kind of poverty that lead to crime. When it is only local, the military can keep it down. People may become refugees. 

With the Corona virus – tourism will cease/have ceased to exist – the wealthy americans will return/have returned to the US (and elsewhere). Millions will lose/have lost their income. Crime will rise. Police/Military will strike back. People will have to survive. They will hamster anything that exist in nature. That – or something even worse.

I don’t want to scare people, but I seek to raise political awareness about “THE SOLUTION” which some in Denmark Sweden, Norway and several other countries knows exists. 

But they have effectively locked me out and forced my GreenDriveThinking business into bankruptcy with false allegations. They fear me, because my “Corona Neighbourhelp” groups is effective organizing of civilians, and therefore a serious threat to the existing power structures. 

But also because “neighbor help” after Corona, will cause people to be forced to live “sustainable”, as I studied with indigenous tribes. Nature regains balance – local communities will always protect nature – regulate it automatically – because they know their local habitats is the fundament for their survival.

So dear administrators, I am extremely sad to send this. I hope you won’t approve this post, because it can cause serious fear. I humbly ask, that you will help bring the message to Gretha Thunberg. 

The opportunity to seize this moment of a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity where the entire globe will listen and act – I think exists only for two to four weeks right now – because of Corona.

Gretha Thunberg is in my opinion, the only one who can do this – and the only one with the courage to do it. 

Please Google my name for more information about me. I am a very real, very serious and very concerned. I don’t want a revolution, but I want timely action. People will die, but Gretha can save millions.


Application to Danish Health Authorities – sent 14th March 2020

This is a translation of a letter sent to the Danish Health Authorities 12 days ago. I still have not heard any response. The original in Danish can be read and downloaded here:  Corona midlertidig hastestilling

Subject: Urgent job creation request to activate and strengthen a nationwide local civil and voluntary Corona emergency preparedness

With 138.8 infected per 1 million inhabitants, Denmark is currently in fourth place in Corona prevalence in the world. That is why I am requesting urgent resolution of a decision to create a temporary position under the appropriate authority to have these objectives:

  1. To enable the local civilian population to limit the spread of Corona infection
  2. To enable the local civilian population to minimize the infection of the elderly and others at high risk of develop the critical health condition that can overload the health system

The invitation to create the position must be seen in the light of quarantine assistance Facebook groups that have already arisen. Local volunteers offer assistance to quarantined families, the elderly and others in the Corona risk groups.

Based on my experience from previous private work and from research employment at Aalborg University of activating the civic voluntary community, I want to apply for the position myself.

The purpose of the position is based on Facebook’s already established Civil Volunteers “Quarantine Relief Groups”. After contact and clarifying solution discussion with promoters, elderly, volunteers and civil ordinary citizens, the following may be presented as overall conclusions and recommendations:

1. People want to help and help each other, but social psychological factors must be overcome. There must therefore, as point 1, be entirely local Facebook groups. Further, it should be clear the communicated groups are specifically created for volunteers who want to help with “Corona purchasing aid ”, and of course for those who need the help.

2. The population has a generally high threshold for requesting assistance. Therefore, it should be stated, that the older target group is especially encouraged to seek help for the benefit of the community. They do the community and all of us a favor by seeking the help of the volunteers for procurement as they thereby help to reduce the risk of infection and congestion at hospitals.

3. It is difficult to get the message out to the elderly in an understandable way that also result in the desired action. Therefore, local shopping locations should be involved. Posted printed materials on walls and for handout are recommended. This can be distributed to the elderly where they make purchases. The printed material must refer to the local Facebook group (s) created for the purpose.

4. Not all elderly people can, dare or want to use Facebook, and therefore it is also recommended to create local voluntary “telephone chains”. It is often already found in church communities and elder communities.

Therefore, it is recommended to contact the local elders’ groups and church pastors about this.

5. The biggest challenge in activation is most often to find and persuade people to take the initiative role. I asked the initiator of the group “Home Quarantine Sorø” if she wanted to participate as a co-initiator to spread the initiative in the country. She replied: “It’s a really good initiative, and relevant, however, I do not have time to stand for more right now as I also have a 1 year old etc.and I’d rather not risk pretending to bask in anything it can unfortunately being interpreted in so many ways today ”. The last part highlights a social fear, which often limits civil society initiative. That barrier can be lessened by giving “Authority mandate”, which this position could do. 

In the extraordinary and rapidly escalating Corona situation, I have chosen to initiate the work instantly full time. I do that with the hope and expectations that this request is urgently treated with a quick positive indication of the temporary position being created.

I have applied for interviews on Friday, and have arranged a visit to Southern Jutland today Saturday and tomorrow Sunday. It is with a view to further input from the locals, and to the rapid launch of the first local effective solution, which can serve as an example for distribution throughout the country.

I look forward to a prompt reply.

With best regards

Olav Lange Hansen
Phone: 29424250
Skype ID: olav.lange.hansen

What the letter does not say…

The letter does not say, that it is required to work with greta Thunberg and/or similar “civil global movements”, it does not say that communities should “make their own borders and close them” and it does not say that communities have to take protective measures against civil war. Because right now I am in Denmark – we will cope – and we think of course first and foremost about ourselves – but I have serious concerns for the people I know in Mexico and Kenya where I have been – and all over the world. It does in particular not say, that all natural resources in all 3rd world countries will suffer tremendously – if not local communities are organized and able to protect them, CovidTSS and PCovidTSS will cause hamstering and ruin of large food resources. To avoid that, we need to take IMMEDIATE TIMELY action.

We are only tweo people, we can’t save the world alone, Please help…

…to bring this to public attention. It help if you follow Corona Neighborhelp pages (so far established and running in Denmark as Corona Nabohjælp i hele Danmark – and we are preparing to start in Mexico on the page Barrio Covid19 – Mexico). Please follow, join or support – we are only two people and we desperately need co-admins. We are pretty poor ourselves – so far we have helped many to get help, also money – but we have done the work unpaid – and have paid out of our own pockets for costs of establishing and running all of this initiative. Together we can – but the two of us are getting tired – and we can’t save the world alone. 

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