We enjoy exploring the world.


We love adventure, freedom and fun.

We love to relax – and to have a good time.

We love the wonders of our fantastic world.

Our mission is simple: We want to smile, laugh and enjoy life, now and in the future. We enjoy traveling and , and we try to change the world where we go.

Building a house in Kenya and initiating “The Little House on the Savannah” womens shelter and an education and eco-tourist project.

Some think we are crazy when we are talking about building a “Viking Boat” of plastic bottles and sail across seas of the world.

However, 1,000 years ago, the Vikings sailed out in the world. Their mission also sounded crazy, yet they came to change the world.

Maybe our chances are small, but if we can unite across borders and continents and travel, play music, smile, laugh and have fun in trying to change the world, isn’t it then all worth it?

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