Talent Oases – Present and future opportunities in a global world

Friday 18th October 5 pm a Talent Oasis starts at Hostal La Vie en Rose by Jardin de San Marcos in downtown Aguascalientes. It is not a University, yet we speak of it as a “Circle of Life University” where you learn about present and future opportunities for your personal life in a global rapidly changing world.

Travel and “study”

Travel and study is the first theme. In that, learning about Workaway is the first step. Connecting Workaway to the Talent Oasis “Circle of Life University”, workaway becomes much more than an experience. It can open global opportunities for your present and future.

As part of becoming a Talent Oasis, Hostal La Vie en Rose is establishing two “Talent Workaway positions”.

Talent Workaway Airbnb Class

Allright, Airbnb is an online vacation home platform, you probably know that. But it can be much more than that. It can help you travel low cost, but more importantly, it can help you make money both at home and while traveling.

The “Talent Workaway Airbnb Class” is an online Skype Video Class, where you will learn everything about Airbnb and how you can make money – at home – and as a traveler.


Learn everything about Airbnb. It is much more than "just Vacation rentals"
The first step in the Airbnb class is to register as a guest, but learn to do it right, so you don't miss out on the referral earnings.
You can make money as an Airbnb host - but even without a house can you make money, both at home and traveling. Learn to do it right - it is stupid to miss out on $100+ easy earnings.
Learning to make money on Airbnb Experiences maybe the easiest way to create your own job - your own path of life - your own reality. You can do it on your own, but the secret to real success, is "talent teams".
Your car can turn into a treasure - for yourself and for your community. GreenDriveThinking is about community ridesharing.

If you have a car – at home – or as a traveler, you can turn it into a treasure.

One part of this is about Uber, Gomore, BlaBlaCar, Turo and other  of thousands of online platforms.

But “the secret learning” is to turn a car into a “real treasure”by connecting talents, places and experiences. It is about sharing and community team work. GreenDriveThinking is about community ridesharing.

If you believe you don’t have talent – then you are wrong. Everybody have talent! Talent is not something you learn – it is something you discover within yourself – and then you develop it.

The “Circle of Life University” is really about doing what you like to do, and somehow manage to make a living from it. Do you like to teach, do you sing, do you play an instrument, do you draw, do you smile, do you perform – anything you are good at can be developed and turned into something you can make a living from. Not in a day – and not without effort. But with effort and in a team, you might just discover, that you, in yourself, is a treasure.

Over 50 million Americans are currently doing freelance work, meaning more and more people are becoming location independent in their work

You can go mainstream – and go to an office 9-5 every day. Or you can start looking for opportunities to work online and develop your talent to become a location independent worker.

And this is particularly a VERY BIG opportunity for Mexicans and people from other low income countries.

In Denmark, for example, the minimum salary per hour is around $350 Mexican pesos per hour versus maybe $25 in Mexico. So obviously Mexican Digital Nomad Talents have a strong competitive advantage.

The Talent Oases is very much about becoming part of an international Digital Nomad talent community.

Greta Thunberg striking from school – started Fridays for Future – and spoke tough words at the UN Global Climate conference. Millions were on the street. It was a solid climate call for the world to act.

The main purpose of the “Circle of Life University” classes is to act – and inspire to act. To save the planet we all live on, but in the way that you improve your life, decrease your living costs or make income from doing something that also helps saving the planet.

"Juntos por la Musica" or "Together for the Music"

Music is – of course – in the center of everything.

It is talent – it attracts people – and it is the international language that bring people of all colors and nations together.

Work Adventure Circle of Life Tours are planned in Mexico and Scandinavia in 2020.

You can travel on your own and do workaway all over the world – but can you do Work Adventure where we put it all together and start traveling the world for free, while making a better world and make a living from traveling and doing what we love to do.

That is what the Work Adventure Circle of Life Tours are about.

Is it a dream? Yes!

Will we make the dream become reality?

Yes! If not in 2020, then in 2021. Or 2022. Or in 2023. or…

It may take time, but we will do it.


And it starts right here in Aguascalientes – Friday 18th October 2019 at 5 pm – at Hostal La Vie en Rose.

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